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When viewing a distant object, the lens is flat. These muscles together are responsible for the movement of the eye ball from side to side and up and down, thus controlling the direction of vision. In this case the lens of the eye is too convex and the rays of light are focused at a point in front of the retina instead of upon it.

An inverted image is formed on the yellow spot. To see distant objects clearly it is flattened.

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After about age 45 most people must have objects farther and farther away in order to see them clearly. Log in or register now. When near objects are viewed, the lens become more complex by the activity of the ciliary muscles, the curvature of the lens is reduced, pupil contracts and an inverted image of the object is formed on the retina.

It contains blood vessels, glands and ciliary muscles. The lens is a colorless, nearly transparent double convex structure, similar to an ordinary magnifying glass. The retina has several layers, one of which contains special cells named for their shapes - rods and cones.

So the light rays are not brought into sharp focus on the retina. This reflected light passes through the lens and falls on to the retina of the eye. The globe of the human eye consists of a tough, white outer layer of connective tissue called the sclera and a thin, inner layer called the choroid.

Parts Of the Eye The eye is made of 3 coats, or tunics.

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This defect is corrected by the use of concave lenses Fig. Growing up today you have to be wise because its hard to tell the truth when its covered by the lies.

Sight, or vision, is a rapidly occurring process that involves continuous interaction between the eye, the nervous system, and the brain. The choroid is a layer of blood vessels and connective tissue squeezed between the sclera and the retina.

These muscles are attached in the bony sockets at one end and the other end of these muscles is attached to the outer coat of the eye ball. Sometimes age has some thing to do with cataract. The ability of the lens to adjust from a distant and a near focus is called accommodation.

The letters of FITT represent frequency, intensity, time and type.

Essay on Eye: Structure, Working and Defects

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The muscles of iris can alter the size of the pupil. The process of splitting is called bleaching. The human eye is capable of forming images of objects miles away, detecting a countless variety of colors and responding to small amounts of light. The bipolar neurone linked by synapses to the rod cell also responds by producing a hyper polarization, but the ganglion cells of the optic nerve supplied by the bipolar neurone respond to this by producing an action potential.Descriptive writing essay zebra love creative writing new york city (the unforgettable experience essay best teachers) common words writing essay xenophobia essay about alice in wonderland zodiac an essay on language human rights holiday simple essay conclusion.

The human eye works like a camera. The eye consists of three layers. These three layers are called as Sclera (or Sclerotic coat), Choroid layer (or choroid coat) and Retina.

The human eye is an organ which reacts to light for several purposes. As a conscious sense organ, the eye allows vision. Rod and cone cells in the retina allow conscious light perception and vision including color differentiation and the perception of depth.

Physics of the Human Eye Essay - Physics of the human eye. The human eye, what a complex but fascinating organ. It has the ability to see past the horizon and observe the different colors of a rainbow.

The eye can be quicker then a race car but slow enough to witness a snail crawling across a beach. The Human Eye essays1. Fibrous tunic – outer protection and support.

• non-elastic (it has the same constant refractory index) • consists of high amounts of collagen fibers • only organ transplanted from one individual to another without rejection • for light refraction.

Function and Anatomy of the Human Eye

Physics of the Human Eye Essay Words | 9 Pages. Physics of the human eye. The human eye, what a complex but fascinating organ.

Essay on Eye: Structure, Working and Defects

It has the ability to see past the horizon and observe the different colors of a rainbow. The eye can be quicker then a race car .

Essay eye human
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